Peripheral Neuropathy

Do you have nerve pain? What is nerve pain?

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Does it feel like you’re walking on hot coals? Do you feel burning, shooting, stinging, stabbing, prickling, pins and needles, tingling or numbness? Do you feel a pebble in your shoe that is not there? Do you have a different sensation in your foot while standing or sitting? Any of these complaints and others can indicate nerve pain or nerve damage.

Damaged nerves can create nerve pain or other symptoms by releasing false signals when not stimulated. The body registers that pain or sensation anyway, despite not having a direct stimulus or injury. Many will not even feel any pain or notice an injury as a result of this condition called Peripheral Neuropathy!

Some develop unusual sensations such as being overly-sensitive to any stimulation. One example is not being able to tolerate socks, clothing, or sheets touching the bottoms of your feet while lying in bed or trying to sleep, making it difficult to sleep. Absence of treatment or waiting can cause additional problems where early treatment can reverse the overall condition. Early detection, therefore early treatment, has a much better response to care.

The progression of nerve pain typically begins at the feet or hands and spreads towards the body or core. With appropriate treatment offered at Shasta Spine Specialists, the progression can be stopped and, in some cases, reversed. The longer you wait, the more difficult it may be to control or resolve.


At this point, some victims continue to have this lack of awareness from nerve damage resulting in overlooked injuries and problems. Some nerve damage will ultimately result in numbness instead of pain which will mask any damage or injury you may have and therefore go undetected. Unfortunately, this can result in the delay in healing or infection, a condition commonly known as gangrene. Upon reaching this level, the poisoning usually results in amputation of a toe, a foot, and later a leg and even up to a hip eventually.

Peripheral Neuropathy | Auto Accident Redding

Your feet may feel like there’s no sensation at all, a loss of feeling or numbness. This can interfere with your ability to sense terrain or balance, the perception of poking or cutting, potentially damaging your foot, resulting in an injury to which you may not even know exists until infection or ulceration results. You may start to lose balance, beginning to trip or fall for no reason. This is a quiet condition that requires treatment we provide successfully.

Some people develop nerve pain for no reason, yet others may acquire it from diabetes, shingles, spinal cord injury, fibromyalgia or even cancer. Treating the nerve pain of your hands or feet is my priority to provide you comfort or stop the pain as I do not treat diabetes, cancer or shingles! It is possible to treat the pain that accompany these conditions while undergoing treatment for the conditions themselves with your other doctor.

At my office we can treat you without using opioids or strong painkillers (Lyrica) or drugs that were originally used for depression (Cymbalta) or seizures like Gabapentin or Neurontin (anticonvulsant)! Some prescription medications can be addictive or cause you to have other problems. Over-the-counter medications can also be helpful, but like all drugs, may result in kidney or liver damage; or intestinal bleeding issues. We help your pain without prescriptions or medications!

Despite the large amount of research supporting the good results or outcomes of non-invasive treatment, many medical doctors are skeptical. Either they’re unaware of the research outcomes or they only believe in Big Pharma and its minimally-effective treatment that is considered better than nothing by most.

If your pain characteristics have existed longer than a week or two and they’re beginning to change your lifestyle, in order to be a partner in controlling your nerve pain, you need to contact us at Shasta Spine Specialists. We can assess the five neurologic pathways that are affecting your extremities and determine the root cause so we can focus your treatment directly to the cause as we have specialized equipment to re-set your nerves and ease, if not stop your pain!


We offer a non-surgical way to reset damaged or overactive nerves. We can reduce extra or errand electrical impulses or signals using high frequency electro-currents. An equivalent example is when the heart goes out of rhythm, two paddles charged with electricity are applied to your chest. They can reset all the beats to the proper rhythm or restart the electrical beat of the heart.

Many are familiar with the electrical device used for pain called a T.E.N.S. unit. The effective frequency is 100-250 Hertz (Hz). The units we use are 5000 to 15000 Hz. that are harnessed for either pain, resetting nerves, keeping muscles active, or improving blood supply.