Hi there, Words can't express my appreciation. I have been having respiration issues for a long time now. I go to doctors and they give me cough medicine, an inhaler, and antibiotics and send me on my way. That only helps a little and is not permanent. I then have tried natural remedies. I use Young Living Essential oils and that helps but is a slow process. For the first time, I feel that I am not alone and that this can get better.

Immediately, I felt relief in my chest and breathing and the croupy cough s gone. Thank you so much.

Redding Chiropractor
Kathleen C.

Upon starting my treatment with the DRX900, I had a great deal of right leg, ankle and foot pain along with low back pain. After completion of the treatment plan Dr Carrino designed for me, I had no low back or leg pain. Now that several months have gone by, I have been doing things I probably should NOT be doing and I have had no flare-ups of the prior complaints. I am very pleased with the treatment program I received. Thank you!

Redding Chiropractor
Wilma H

Just a few lines to express my sincere appreciation fro your excellent services.

Over the past year I have had several cervical and lumbar spine problems. While my back problems are not serious, they have been painful at times. It seems that my "young" mind says I can still do everything by myself, but my "old" bodyreminds me that perhaps this is no longer the case.

You have consistently provided me immediate relief while being gentle and sensitive. I also like that you ask a lot of questions about my condition and really listen to my answers.

Thank you, and your professional staff, for your kindness and quality service.

Redding Chiropractor
Pat B

Before I started the treatments, I was unable to ride in a car, sit in church, or at my computer without experiencing a lot of pain. I am now able to do all of these without pain. If I continue to use good sense and not do things I know can hurt my back, I believe I can expect many more pain free or almost pain free years.

Redding Chiropractor
Bea K

After 20 treatments on the DRX9000 I am at least 75% better. I was in constant pain and could not walk for more than a very few minutes at a time. My pain level is now almost gone. I can also do some walking without being in constant pain. I would have welcomed any improvement but 75% to me is unbelievable. I think if I do the exercises faithfully, I will get even better.

Redding Chiropractor
Norman H